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Thanks for visiting my site. Let me introduce myself: I am:


an aspiring engineer.

I'm currently finishing my degrees in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering at UC Davis. I'm passionate about projects relating to health. Solving tough problems that improve the health and wellness of patients and consumers is what I care most about. I also like tinkering with 3D printers and CAD design, and I love group projects. Here are a few projects that I've been a part of:

an avid dancer.

Dance has been a way of life for me from a very young age. It sounds like a pretty fun way to live, but it's also something from which I believe a large amount of discipline and leadership skill can be cultivated. Dance is a form of expression that I believe is underrated in its ability to visualize and communicate current themes, cultures, and views in society. It's also just really really fun to do.

I have also been experimenting with creating my own dance projects in the form of short videos.

Here are some projects, classes, and other dance-related activities I've been up to:

I also enjoy talks over coffee, cuddling with Ballu (you will not find a better cat than this guy), reading, and body weight fitness.


Below, you will find my Now Page. This will give you a glimpse into what my current priorities and where I'm at. By the way, if you ever make a website, you should make a now page too!



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