hello, I'm krishna basude.


I'm a recent graduate from UC Davis, with B.S. degrees in Mechanical and Biomedical engineering.

My primary interests lie in the restoration of ability and movement, and technology that improves health and wellness.

Here's a few things I've worked on:


THINK Surgical {dec 2019 - present}

  • My very first corporate full-time role after graduation. Wee!
  • Systems Engineer

Wake Forest Baptist Health {may 2019 - aug 2019}

  • Simulating femur loading to determine optimal position of femoroplasty implants
    • FEA using Hypermesh, Optistruct
    • Created animated GIFs of bone loading using bone stiffness models from literature
    • Simulated fall on hip
  • Presented and won second place in biomechanics intern group

MedFree (Part - Time) {aug 2016 - present}

  • Contributed to patent for implantable mitral structural heart valve clip (PCT, WO2018013856A1)
    • Outlined all surgical procedures for 10+ embodiments of the device + appendecies
  • Contributed to gastric implantable device patent to combat obesity and acid reflux (provisional)
    • Conceptualized and outlined 2 esophageal valves + 7 new device embodiments
    • Wrote detailed descriptions and appendices for all 20+ embodiments

StrideSight {sept 2017 - june 2018}

  • Senior Year Capstone Project Team – followed FDA “waterfall” design process to develop running overuse injury monitor
  • Responsible for design and prototyping of housing using CAD + 3D printing; Analyzed accelerometer data to measure foot impact
  • Winners of UC Systemwide Senor Design Capstone Project Competition; project received “A” grade

Eclo {summer 2018}

  • Primary author of reliability and validity study of 3D scanning app
    • Statistical methods: ICC, SEM, ground truth comparison
    • Organized human subject data collection (foot scanning); collected 120+ scans for research and algorithm data extraction
    • Periodic testing and reporting of accuracy data for new system iterations; utilized AWS and Bash to process and download scans

LeucoLife {mar 2017 - jan 2018}

  • Student startup – Developed rescue technology to combat hypothermia and cold shock in emergency situations
  • Headed creation of preliminary patent and prototypes (4 iterations)
    • Temperature testing + data logging using Arduino
    • Experimentation with exothermic and oxygen-generating reactions
    • Outlining of all embodiements and thorough description of invention
    • Use of Asana to outline and assign project tasks
  • Presented in front of project and business competition judges
  • Achievements
    • E-Fund Pitch Competition Spring 2017 Winners
    • Create-a-Thon 2017 Finalist Team: Best Hardware Award
    • UC Davis Little Bang! Business and Pitch Competition: winners of $500 grant; individually presented pitch for the team and won $1000 grant

Eclo (NSF Funded Internship) {summer 2017}

  • Contributed to design of experiment to develop biomechanical model of foot
  • Performed accurate CT image segmentations of 2 feet
  • Built a motorized rotating platform for data collection (Arduino + stepper motor), designed validation testing methods
  • Automated file retrieval and processing for 1000+ files (batch + MATLAB)

Orthopedics Research Lab {mar 2015 - jan 2017}

  • PI: Dr. Maury Hull
  • Prepared 5+ cadaveric specimens for analysis and robotic surgery
  • Trained in bone drilling/tapping, suturing of skin, safety procedures for biohazards
  • Collected coordinates of CT markers, performed shape-matching simulations of point clouds
  • Received 2 mentions in a master’s thesis for activities listed above (study on effects of robotic surgery on hip replacement accuracy)


Ivan Kolesov - CTO at Eclo Inc.

"I had the pleasure of working with Krishna while he interned at Eclo, Inc. for three months [one] summer. We were looking for candidates that had a combination of experimental and theoretical knowledge, and in Krishna, we found a superb balance"
"My hope for each new team member is that he/she is excited about his/her project, but Krishna’s dedication greatly exceeded my expectation; he took ownership and personal responsibility for every project that was sent his way."

Alex Villaneuva - CEO at Eclo Inc.

"Over the summer of 2017, I had the pleasure to work with Krishna. Krishna was an intern at our startup and I was impressed with the quality of his work, organization skills and dedication. He is a skilled engineer with drive and a very personable individual with a great attitude. I know that Krishna will be successful in anything he chooses to work on and anyone who hires him will be lucky to have him on their team."

Katie Ewing - Former Engineer at Eclo Inc.

"Krishna was an outstanding intern. From the beginning, he was eager to learn and contribute to our startup. Krishna initiated and took control of his projects, and was able to easily adapt when the direction changed."
"He always created clear documentation for whatever project he was working on. He asked thoughtful questions and was not afraid to speak up with his ideas and suggestions. Krishna truly was a valuable member of the team over the summer."

Philip J. Brown - Professor at Wake Forest Baptist Health

"Krishna worked in my lab as a research engineering intern over the summer of 2019. Krishna works with great passion and dedication. He has demonstrated his willing to put in the extra effort to get a job done well and in a timely manner. While in the lab he worked on patient specific osteoporosis computational modeling project. This included work in literature review, image segmentation, meshing, FEA simulation, data interpretation, and presentation. Krishna was awarded 2nd place in our internal summer presentation seminar which had 31 participants. It was a pleasure to have him in the lab!"

read in full on my linkedin



organizations + volunteer work

Project RISHI

  • General Member (2014-2015, 2016-2018); Executive Board Member (2015-2016)
  • Headed the Bagel Bag Benefit events (Spring 2016, Winter 2018): volunteers created over 600 total care packages for the homeless

Lashkara at UC Davis

  • Dancer and Male Lead (2014–2017), Captain (2016–2017) of Bollywood competitive dance team
  • Year of captainship results
    • Drafted new team contract to set team expectations and focus
    • Most awards won by Lashkara, first time attending + placing at a national competition


  • Nonprofit organization working to support and enrich the lives of families and children with developmental disabilities
  • Created/headed a project to teach developmentally disabled children social skills through dance
  • Performed at charity show which raised approximately $2500 for Jeena

why I chose engineering

I always loved Legos because I could build my imagination into a reality. To this day, that hasn't changed (and it probably explains my current obsession with 3D printing and my lengthy phase with Minecraft a few years back). In the future, however, I'd like to develop products that restore mobility to those with amputations, paralysis, and other movement-hampering issues.

I've worked on a few projects through opportunities that luckily came my way.
I got to work with cadavers in a biomechanics lab as a freshman, and see a surgical robot operate in real action. I've also gotten to work at a startup as a research assistant, and learn about what it really means to test something for the truth (verification and validation, anyone?).
My dad introduced me to his medical device startup, and taught me the basics of patenting and how to protect your work.
This patenting experience helped me immensely later, when I got the opportunity to to help found a student startup that we called LeucoLife. We worked on technology to enhance life vests without the need for electronics. This is what seriously got me into the world of startups, and taught me a lot of valuable lessons about working with others, as well as the struggles of entrepreneurship.

More recently, my senior design team and I worked on a running monitor. We decided to try to create an anklet that monitors biomechanical metrics related to overuse injury while running. We worked long nights on the project together, and were obsessive over good results and quality. We utilized skills from coursework like signal filtering, skills from hobbies like 3D printing, skills from our lab experiences too, and even picked up new skills  to complete the project. We learned that both diversity and commitment are crucial, and that obstacles should be expected no matter how simple something seems.  We learned that sometimes, in the heat of trying to solve the problem, it seems like nothing was really meant to ever work. To me, this is what engineering is all about. Expecting the unexpected and pushing through.

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