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Update from August 22nd, 2018


I'm currently interning at Eclo working on an accuracy paper for their 3D scanning mobile app. It's pretty fun stuff, because I'm exposed to the trials, tribulations, and excitement of startup life on a daily basis. The founders, Alex and Ivan, are super cool dudes who have offered me invaluable advice and guidance during my time here.

The Stridesight team, including myself, Angela, and Samir, are planning on making more progress on our work in order to make our device ready and robust enough for use by biomechanics labs and experts. The plan from there is to see if we can create something with real commercial viability. You can find our project presentation here.

I have plans to work with an amazing professor at Davis this fall as I finish up the final two quarters of my undergrad. The lab deals with neuroprosthetics, something I've been intrigued by for a long time.



I recently started training with the Chapkis Dance Family, an reknown urban dance academy. Some pretty big names have come out of there and I feel pretty blessed to have gotten through the audition.

I am also continuing to make videos whenever time permits. I think true expression of art in the form of concept videos is a powerful mode of consuming dance right now. Plus, it's an amazing way to interact with other dancers and collaborate to form something truly unique.

More than anything, I am focusing on growth in my hard and soft skills pertaining to dance, especially urban movement. Growth is what I'm focused on right now. Getting my name out there in any capacity is purely accessory.



I have been meditating consistently for 1 hour (or at minimum 30 minutes...) every morning. Even the marginal changes in my behavior and approach to life that I have gained through meditation have been somewhat life-changing. I definitely have a very long way to go.

I have also been practicing the art of  "meditating with the eyes open"--essentially, forgetting about everything that isn't the present moment, and focusing on the breath. It really has helped me in being more at ease and focused, and it's given me a better perception of how important the present is (and how easy it is for us to focus too much on the past or future).

To read more on how I meditate and why I believe in it, check this out.


"no" to everything else

I have a problem saying no, and I am constantly finding myself wanting to take on as many projects as possible. Slowly, I'm coming to the hard realization that life is about sacrifice, and that eventually (soon, perhaps...), I'm going to need to let go of some of my activities, and maybe even passions, to pursue one thing.  To commit to something. For now, I am still in a mode of exploration, trying to figure out what exactly my path is.

Therefore, if you would like to contact me regarding a project, either pertaining to engineering or to dance, I'm more than willing to discuss it with you.


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