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This is my now page, where I basically give a brief synopsis of what's going on in my life. Scroll to the bottom to learn more and see my previous now page updates.


Last Updated: April 2nd, 2019


I've finally finished my undergraduate degree. Luckily, I've been stressing about this moment for several months and am somewhat prepared to deal with it. I recently interviewed at an extremely cool and innovative biomedical device company and I'm hoping I get the job. I have also begun work under Professor Joshi at UC Davis. He's helping me design a remote controller for someone with muscular dystrophy, who can no longer operate the controller properly. Definitely a rewarding project to finish off my undergrad. As for grad school plans... I'm holding off until next year at least. I definitely need to start studying for the GRE...


I have seen so much growth from dancing at Chapkis. Greg's style of choreography has challenged me like nothing has before, and I'm finally beginning to understand what textures and pocket really are. The amount of time I sacrificed for it was definitely non-trivial... but definitely worth it.

I'm afraid that because of engineering, I will have to put some of my dancing aside for a while. But I will definitely find another way to integrate it into my life if I can't do Chapkis anymore.

Dancing has helped me connect so many aspects of life together over this past year. I'm beginning to realize that when it comes to learning and mastering everything, knowing how to properly demonstrate and explain the subtlest elements is actually the most important part. I've found this is true with engineering as well--low-level understanding leads to high-level mastery. I'm trying to find more ways in which to implement this concept so that I can learn topics better and quicker. It certainly helped me with school--my final quarter GPA was a 3.8 (Aircraft Propulsion screwed it up). It was also the quarter where I put the least effort into my courses compared to any other quarter.


My discipline with meditation has fallen considerably. I find myself missing days more often than I should. These bad habits were definitely exacerbated by finals week. But I continue to try to gain back the skill I once had. In my daily life, my meditation has still been helping immensely. I can actually stop myself from getting angry and overreacting to things much quicker than before. Although I still get irritated quicker than I should (my mom loves to point it out), even the small moments of bliss are revolutionary.

"no" to everything else

I have a problem saying no, and I am constantly finding myself wanting to take on as many projects as possible. Slowly, I'm coming to the hard realization that life is about sacrifice, and that eventually (soon, perhaps...), I'm going to need to let go of some of my activities, and maybe even passions, to pursue one thing.  To commit to something. For now, I am still in a mode of exploration, trying to figure out what exactly my path is.

Therefore, if you would like to contact me regarding a project, either pertaining to engineering or to dance, I'm more than willing to discuss it with you.


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