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This is my now page, where I basically give a brief synopsis of what's going on in my life. Scroll to the bottom to learn more and see my previous now page updates.


Last Updated: 1/27/2020


I spent a lot of months trying to find a job. Tons of rejection--and a lot of growth in the end. A book that really helped was What Color Is Your Parachute by Richard Nelson. I started working at THINK Surgical as a Systems Engineer about a month ago and I've been loving it so far. Systems engineering for medical devices deals closely with creating and managing the design inputs to the device and testers, as well as aspects of design all along the product life cycle. I know that this experience is going to be tremendously helpful in the long run. Knowing how to structure and phrase requirements for design will give me an edge when I want to build my own devices some day. Looking forward to getting my hands dirty! Also... I love free coffee and snacks.


Like in my last update, Greg's training has been amazing for me. I actually had some pretty crazy stuff happen right after my last update though. Not only did I leave for North Carolina for an internship for a few months, but I also managed to damage a nerve in my shoulder. It took a few months to heal and I couldn't dance for a while. Getting back into it was hard, but it happened. I definitely feel like I am a better dancer now than I have ever been. And I owe most of that to Chapkis.

I definitely have put dance a side a bit to focus on my engineering career, but I love pouring energy into dance. Like in my last update, I have been continuing to learn a lot how dance relates to life. It has been showing me how rewarding it is to pour energy into one or a few things, and how much it pays to commit. I know my journey is just beginning!


This is definitely the category in which I have failed the most. My sessions are more dazed than ever. I'm almost half asleep when I meditate nowadays, and I only do it for 20 minutes or so. But the days I do it still feel significantly different than the days I don't. I really need to get back into meditating well. My focus has definitely been off recently, and while life seems to be going kind of tremendously, the truth is my lack of focus makes it difficult for me to read books when I should be, or work on this website, or go to the gym. Starting a new job also definitely had an impact too. Just going to have to work on being more mindful and deliberate... and I probably shouldn't keep trying to meditate on my bed.


This is a new category I am starting. Since I have being more grateful for the things I have in life, I have seen a huge increase in my general day-to-day happiness. Grateful for big things, like how lucky I was that my parents brought me to California for a great education, and who gave me all the financial support to get a great degree. But also for the little things--like my watch or phone, or Ballu.

Gratefulness and thankfulness are the opposite of entitlement. And the more entitlement I have been able to shed, the less weighed down I feel.

I think the number one thing I am thankful for right now is my job. I am FINALLY financially independent. For the first time in my whole life. And now its my responsibility to not screw stuff up. I think I'm honestly thankful for that pressure too.

"no" to everything else

I've definitely gotten better at saying "no" to things and opportunities that don't matter. I have narrowed down and prioritized my responsibilities well enough in that regard. Engineering and dance are my biggest focuses, and I am making an effort to put more time into friendships as well. Something I stupidly neglected for a while.

But I could do a lot better at saying "no" to distractions. My phone, internet addition, procrastination, laziness, a desire for instant gratification... these sum up the bane of my existence. I think this year is the year where I really get a hold on these things. At least a little.


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